“To be a globally respected company that provides best business solutions, leveraging technology, delivered by highly skilled IT professionals and earns the trust of its customers.”

We are driven by the following principles:

Do No Evil. We don’t:

  • Accept work we don’t understand or have no expertise in
  • Do unnecessary work when unnecessary (like No Local SEO work for an internet retailer)
  • Implement cool features which do not serve the purpose of the core audience
  • Charge for work which can be accomplished more effectively by client themselves
  • Promise what we can’t deliver like “Top 5 listing on any SERPs”
  • accept work for a project we don’t believe in

Do Good. We do:

  • Innovate
  • Be honest and keep things simple
  • Pick doing the right thing Always
  • Understand the goals and objectives of the customer and offer the correct advice even if it means less work for us
  • Always explore new technologies and solutions to solve clients problems and not just for technology sake
  • Explore ways to save time and cost and improve quality when proposing and building solutions
  • Give benefit of doubt to the customer
  • Be a good citizen to our local community and the world

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