Web Analytics


Web analytics, simply put is the study of the behaviour of website visitors. The website in question can be a small website or a big e-commerce site. Visitors demographics, site size, objectives etc. may differ but at the end of the day, Web Analytics provides you not just the data but actionable information which can be used to understand the basic premise – how your visitors are using the site. Taking this a step further, Analytics also helps you track the direct mail campaigns, email response rates,sales and lead generation etc. Know Your User is the mantra here.

MWebWare provides Web Analytics solutions for virtually any-sized business. Whether your monthly budget is low or high, we will work with you to design a good Web Analytics program that will increase your understanding of how your users are using your site. Our tools include free ones like Google Analytics to commercial software like Urchin, ClickTracks, Omniture and recently acquired by Yahoo – IndexTools. If you have your own home brew solution then that’s fine too. We can work with you either to enhance it or replace it without loosing what you used to track. Allow us to evaluate what you have and respond with a free quote.

Our solutions range from simple log file analysis reports to creating Widgets to keep track of your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) on demand basis. We have extensive experience with on site hosting and off site hosting solutions and have the necessary knowledge to recommend an appropriate solution once we come to know your requirements. We constantly keep sharpening our saw. We are up on latest trends in the industry and offer continuous improvement opportunities for our staff to keep track of the latest happening in the exciting world of Analytics – so that they can solve problems effectively and quickly. Try us and we are confident that we can win your trust and business.